Matt made what was a hassle and a pain a pleasure.  He took all of our original messy paperwork and documents and sorted it out so we actually know what we had.  Then Matt found better – improved financially and tax efficiently – solutions for us.  Once I approved all, Matt sorted it all out and brought us back one simple folder with everything in it in one place.  Exactly the sort of thing a busy person just will never get to do.  Simply put, Matt made a bother-some but essential task easy and sorted out with MINIMUM input from me.  Couldn’t recommend Matt highly enough.

A great quick and efficient personal service as always.  Would confidently recommend to all. Thank you.

I was listed to and that really helped my adviser find me that best product for me.  There were a couple of options suggested but it was an easy decision for me to make on which product to go with.  I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process which was really important to me.

Matt has a very personal approach to exploring our needs and recommending appropriate products.

Alan was polite. He was not pushy and was patient.

Straight talking and not intimidated. I felt Matthew gave me good advice and was not pushy in the slightest.

As well as feedback we receive directly from our clients, we use an external feedback resource (Maze), who independently review our performance with our clients. Each client is asked a small serious of questions to rate their experience with us in a variety of areas that make up the client journey (from product understanding to budget). Each review is individually verified and below is a snapshot of the total feedback received for our company in the last 90 days (as of June 2019).

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